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Stories are important -- especially the stories that are important to us. Obvious, right? In part, yes. Because stories, narratives, are so key, because we are so intertwined and involved with them, it's hard to gain perspective on them.  Whether it is on the page, in a production, or in life, it helps to have someone who understands the intersection of personal values, ideas, and the point of view we wish to make real. I can help.

As a writer, I can help clarify and perfect the narrative you want to tell. As someone who has directed and I can help make sure the project you are looking to implement is planned for maximum effect and accounts for the most pressing of contingencies. As an educator, there are ways to open up lessons to be engaging, captivating, and understandable. There's also just the support that comes from someone who has been through it before, someone who can keep you focused on what you want to achieve. Let's talk.  

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