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Articles and Essays

I’ve written articles, short stories, teaching materials and a whole lot of blog posts. The second most public thing I’ve done has been the few articles I’ve pitched over the years, newsy-pieces that wound up in several popular magazines and on-line sites.

I’ve taken those pieces and included them on the pages linked here. It’s amazing how all of those research papers I had to write to get through school came in handy later in life. School is actually good for something after all. 

Perry Moore Talks HERO on Showtime and DAWN TREADER in Oz!

DoorQ.Com 4/15/2009

The author of HERO and producer of the Chronicles of Narnia, is eagerly awaiting word on whether HERO, his gay teen super hero story that’s won raves and awards, is going to get the greenlight from Showtime to go to pilot and series....

Colton Haynes, Porn and MTVʼs TEEN WOLF

DoorQ.Com 06/01/2011

First Amendment protections and Fair Use precedents are pretty standard things private citizens, journalists and writers freely enjoy. Sure, from time to time we may have to remember they are there, but itʼs great to know they are there when you need them. Iʼd hate to think that bullies could get away with scaring people into submission with a few strokes of a pen.

'Axanar' Misses Mark As Professional Film

1701 News 05/02/2016

When it comes to "Axanar," I'm endlessly amazed at just how crazy, and from this side of the black box, how poorly thought out it all seems.

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Underage But Man Enough To Tell

Gaywebmonkey Magazine, Vol 4, No 4, August-September 2006.

Lacking family support, on his own in San Diego at 16 years old, with little money and no prospects, Brent turned to an older, faster, more knowledgeable boyfriend who gave him a kind of acceptance lacking in his life. He also showed Brent a fast, furious, out of control side to the gay scene.

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The Last Casualty

DoorQ.Com 3/8/2006

“I’ve detained Alice under section 300 of the California Welfare and Institutions Code. Because her mother is in the hospital, her father is on the run and threatening to kill her, I’ve taken her into custody pending a hearing in Children’s Court.”

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Love Doesn't Hurt

Xodus Magazine, Fall 2004

Gay men have come a long way in the last 30 years. The violence that we encounter, whether it is directed at us or occurs in our relationships, isn’t the last word on the matter. While we aren’t responsible for the homophobic society we find our selves in, we are responsible for dealing with it and taking steps to improve it, not just for ourselves, but for all of those who will come after us.

Comics Legend Stan Lee Talks HERO... and I gush.

Examiner.Com 4/16/2009

So, Stan Lee. I tried hard not to gush, to not tell him that he was one of those people that inspired me to write; for Cthulhu sakes, he inspired me to read. "Excelsior" was one of those words I raced to look up because Lee was always using it.

Ex-Gay Myths

Xodus Magazine, Summer 2004

Psychologists haven’t considered homosexuality a mental illness since 1973. Most mainline Christian churches, with some exceptions, regard gay people as being on-par with everyone else. And when you take a closer look at the Ex-Gay Movement, something interesting happens — a string of scandals author Wayne Besen documented in his book Anything But Straight.

That's What He Said (Part 1)

My PrEP Experience 5/19/2014

What had begun as a promising visit to the doctor to begin PrEP, the most revolutionary advance in HIV prevention in decades, had instead become a misadventure into ignorance, idiocy, and irritation.

That's What He Said (Part 2)

My PrEP Experience 5/20/14

Itʼs now important for me to get the message out about this treatment, share information, and work to bring down the barriers that prevent anyone, at any societal level, from accessing this treatment. I was here to see the birth of this pandemic of HIV.

Colton Haynes, Ethics, and Purported Porn Pics

DoorQ.Com 06/03/2011

If youʼre an actor / model and the people that youʼve paid for career management and advice tell you that the best way to put to bed questions about your love-life is to rewrite reality by threats, nasty-grams and other assorted tricks, immediately demand your money back from them. And spank them with it. Hard.

On Boycotting (or not) Orson Scott Card's SHADOW COMPLEX

Examiner.Com 08/29/2009

Should you boycott a game written by an author whose views you can't stand?

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