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Three years after twenty-two year old Rachel barely survived a brutal massacre that left all of her friends murdered, her close friends cordially invite her to join them to spend Spring Break in a secluded house in the woods.

"“WTF!” uses the time-tested set up of having the main character, Rachel (Callie Ott) arrive at a secluded house in the woods. This might be the oldest and most popular premise for a horror film ever used. Needless to say, murders start to slowly occur among the individuals who are residing at the camp. There are some really unique and memorable deaths in this film, though. These deaths are so strange that they become the part of the movie that will make it linger in your head long after the credits. I’m talking about deaths by castration, decapitation and flesh melting. There’s also some humor in this film. Nothing that will have you roaring devilishly, but enough humor that the film becomes memorable. Ultimately, the bad guy behind these kills also turns out to be lackluster but unique enough to be engaging.

"So, “WTF!” is not a bad film by any stretch. Most of the marketing for the movie is very inaccurate because the tag lines would have us believe that it is reinventing the horror wheel. It isn’t that legendary a horror film. It’s a remarkably entertaining film, it’s got a tone that will be appreciated by viewers, but it’s simply just not a revolutionary film. Anyone who likes slaughter film will appreciate this recent entry by Midnight Releasing." -- Irish Film Critic

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