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Tell Me



"We make the worlds we live in." That was the idea behind this tale. Really more of a project for my MFA, it was an old script that I revised and used as my first attempt at pulling together everything I'd been learning in school. It almost all works, too.

Tell Me

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We make the worlds we live in.

Two friends share ever escalating tales of terror, masking all the while a horrible reality threatening to consume them both. There's nothing scarier than the demand from someone -- or something -- to "tell me a story."

Lost love, denial and desire intersect in the trippy, heady, tale of a lonely writer faced with the fundamental truth of his life. As events twist and repeat, long dormant feelings surface, passions ignite, and fate is challenged. But can freedom be found or will the tragedies of the pass continue to haunt all involved?

Starring Chase Masters, Beau Puckett and Brent Corrigan (Sean Paul Lockhart).

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