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eScape (Season 1)




Associate Producer

Get ready for world-twisting, digitally-enhanced action! The campers are lost, but what they don’t know is they’re trapped in a video game!

Join Jack, Myrna, Steven and their schoolmates as they journey through vast landscapes completing perilous quests, discovering fantastic powers and battling dangerous monsters in this adventure series for the whole family.

"What happens when you cross Lost with Kid Nation (and add a touch of Tron)? eScape, a new teen-focused independent sci-fi series which launched earlier this month. Created by Mike Feurstein of New York-based MovieQuest Productions and co-produced by Ben Alpi of Runic Films, eScape tells the story of a group of kids who wake up one day at summer camp to discover all the counselors have abandoned them to survive on their own—the only problem is, they’re now inside a video game. The young campers soon realize that the game grants them amazing powers and abilities, though they are unaware of a larger conspiracy in the real world that involves a power struggle between major corporations and mysterious military interests. It’s sort of like like Inception: Salute Your Shorts Edition"


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