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After Hours



"Lodged between the end of night and the break of morning, there is a special, magical time, full of danger, excitement and possibility. One stray step brings you to this different realm, a
place called...After Hours."

After Hours

Watch It:


Did you hear the one about the young surfer, who rescued a man, un- conscious drowning, and tumbling to shore? About how he nursed the man back to health and fell in love, only to learn that there are rea- sons the sea casts things out? Perhaps someone told you the story of the frustrated writer and his chance meeting with a true love from the past? About how, try as they might, the rekindling of their lost love might just forever chain them to a never ending doom?

These and so many other stories, tales of the fantastic, of the scary, of the surreal, are waiting to be seen, on demand, by set top, computer, iPod or cell phone, right in the palm of your hand.

All you have to do is take the first step.

All you have to do is click and download a

story from the After Hours.

If you dare.

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